Scarcely had work begun on the A6-Airport Relief Road last March 2015 when an extension to the M60 was put back on the official agenda. This was blatantly motivated by the impending general election. Yet, shockingly, no questions were asked about the wisdom of this draconian project, at least by the media. This website attempts in a small way to promote discussion of the facts that make the Hazel Grove-M60 (aka Stockport North-South) Bypass damaging and wasteful.This website is a collaboration by a few individuals. Feel free to contact us.

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  1. James Norton

    Heard you guy’s on the radio this morning.
    Thankfully William Wragg was available to give a balanced view.
    The sooner they build this road the better for all concerned.


  2. S Gallagher

    Awful prospect ,a new motorway will not ease congestion, but instead encourage more people into their cars and increase the already high levels of pollution.

    Why are we not spending this money on public transport ? Why not develop a Neto link service.

    We will lose lovely green walking and leisure space and this will be replaced by increase in lung and polution problems. Cutting down trees , laying down masses of concreate , will all so destroy animals habits and increase the risk of flooding.



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