The 2006 plans for the Bypass

Map 2006 Crookilley WP

2006 plan for Bypass from M60 J25 to Lower Goyt Valley including Lower Bredbury cut-and-cover tunnel – north is on the left.

Map 2006 Crookilley reduce

This is a detail from the top map rotated to put North top. We have added the red captions. Crookilley Way roundabout and entrance to cut-and-cover tunnel through Lower Bredbury. Three lanes go down (and up) from the M60, joining from the left, not the middle of the road as today. The slip road up goes to Crookilley Way roundabout but also connects to the Ashton road roundabout as currently. The Crookilley Way roundabout enlarged and with traffic lights would struggle to cope with a massively increased volume of traffic.

Map of bypass through Goyt and Poise Brook Valleys.

Key to our notes on 2006 route plan for Goyt and Poise Brook Valleys.

  1. The start of Dark Lane bridleway. Road run-off pond and 3 reed beds would be here (2006 plan).
  2. The Bypass coming from M60 J25 emerges from a covered cutting into Vernon Road woods. Lots of bluebells.
  3. Turn left off Dark Lane for footpath up through wood and across Bypass route.
  4. A bank of bluebells would be bulldozed.
  5. Playing field (Werneth School?) next to Bypass.
  6. Clapgate ancient road.
  7. The Bypass would be in huge cutting (2006 plan) just below pylon. Suspected pre-Roman settlement site under Bypass route.
  8. Goyt Hall  –  16th century black and white.
  9. The 2006 plan 200-metre-long bridge starts here. The alternative high-level bridge option would go across higher up the valley sides.
  10. The bridge (2006 plan) would cut into the valley side and through into Offerton Sand & Gravel ex-gravel workings.
  11. Path down to bridge.
  12. Jim Fearnley Bridge – featured in The Blossoms’ Honey Sweet video. The bridge’s future is in doubt.
  13. Red rocks – of Red Rock Fault.
  14. Fossil Creek – an outstanding geological site.
  15. Poise Brook Valley nature reserve and ancient woodland along the banks of the Goyt in both directions as well as along Poise Brook to Marple Road.
  16. The much pictured footbridge could be lost to Bypass. The Bypass bursts into view here from the gravel pit. It was never far away. Large road run-off ponds here on 2006 plan.
  17. Halliday Hill Farm – the 14th century-origin former home of the Dodge family.

Poise Brook Valley in more detail below:

Poise Brook Valley = Bypass plan in more detail.


The Bypass through Offerton green spaces

Bypass route through Offerton.

Map 2006 Offerton Road WP

Bosden Farm, Offerton Road and Torkington – north to the left approximately.

Map 2006 Torkington WP

Torkington to Ox Hey and Simpson’s Corner. North is to the left.