The current plans for the Bypass

We have rotated the original plans so North is at the top. We have added notes (mainly in red). These are the plans currently being used though drawn in 2006. They were probably first made public in early 2017. The plans would be reviewed and amended before construction begins.

Map 2006 Bredbury all rotated

Below: three maps with further details of the Bypass around Junction 25.


Map roundabout 2nd 450

Map 2006 Crookilley reduce

crookilley Screenshot (88) captioned

Below: the Bypass through the Lower Goyt and Poise Brook Valleys.

Map Goyt Valley fbk


Poise Brook Valley in more detail below:

Poise Brook Valley = Bypass plan in more detail.


The Bypass through Offerton green spaces

Bypass route through Offerton.

Map 2006 Offerton Road combo

Aerial whole route overview titled crop

The above map shows significant points that would be hit by the Bypass (or in the case of the Ochreley and Ox Hey Sites of Biological Importance, would be just a few feet away according to rather arbitrary boundaries).