Overdale Centre in spring

Seven schools next to the route

DIAL PARK PRIMARY SCHOOL: Surely the ideal location for a school would be somewhere peaceful – and definitely not next to a major road, as is too often the case? Dial Park Primary School, Offerton (Ofsted rating “good”) benefits from just such a quiet position, looking into the distance across fields. But for how long? The bypass carriageways would come within 100 metres of the school buildings and worsen the air breathed by the children. The bypass plan shows a distressing disregard for children living in this part of Offerton.

WERNETH SCHOOL: This secondary school specialising in drama and art has a good position backing on to the Goyt Valley. In the last few years the school has achieved much-sought-after finance to make the best use of its site with a replacement building (pictured). The new school, which is being occupied this year, is set back behind the redundant 50-year-old building. Werneth’s remarkable physical improvement would be spoilt by the bypass, running approximately 220 metres from the edge of its grounds. The fine new arts school should be allowed to keep its green and peaceful outlook.

TORKINGTON PRIMARY SCHOOL: The school prides itself on its quiet position backing on to countryside stretching towards the Peaks. Torkington is on the eastern edge of Hazel Grove near where the bypass would join the A6-Airport Relief Road. The bypass would plough across a field around 200 metres behind the primary school buildings and 160 metres from the edge of its grounds. Sheep often graze there now and Ochrelay Brook meanders between trees. This is a peaceful corner of Hazel Grove. Long may it remain dual-carriageway free. (Picture by Google of school entrance.)

OFFERTON HALL NURSERY SCHOOL AND LISBURNE SCHOOL: Both these schools  adjoin Dial Park Primary School, Offerton featured above. Lisburne School , which caters for complex needs, has been judged “outstanding” by Ofsted. The nursery school also gets top rating. The bypass route will tear apart the tranquil green fields around these schools.

THE OVERDALE CENTRE (pictured above): In Bredbury Green looking out across the Goyt Valley is the Overdale Centre (preschool plus Bredbury Green Primary School Resourced Nursery).  The bypass route would be just 100 metres away. The Centre is not far from Werneth School also featured.

CASTLE HILL HIGH SCHOOL: The grounds of Castle Hill School – a special secondary school – come to within not much more than two hundred metres of the bypass route. The school (Ofsted: “Outstanding”) stands on high ground above the Goyt and Poise Brook Valley woods. While the school buildings are several hundred metres from the route, the good-sized grounds go much closer.


The Bypass would run next to Dial Park School – the red topped building in this mock-up.