A sheep field.

Skirting fine countryside in Torkington

Local residents rather than ramblers make good use of Cown Edge Way from Hazel Grove across fields and along the back gardens of Peregrine Road to reach Offerton Road A627. From the path there is a long  view back across rolling countryside to Offerton, six fields away.  The bypass will scar all this as it drops from embankment into cutting, carving its way to a hefty traffic-lights junction with the A627.

MapThe route continues from the A627 through pleasant tree-lined fields skirting Torkington’s east and south east. It goes 150 metres from the bottom of Delamere Road. Ground will be built up to keep it just out of sight.

  • Walking the route on foot we must turn right along the A627, until we can take a footpath on the left side just before houses begin. The path is a bit overgrown in places. Following it we swing to the left over a brook and skirt fields until we reach Torkington Road eastern section by Manor Cottage.

A footpath from the eastern arm of Torkington Road opposite Torkington Manor offers a short diversionary walk up into fine countryside and the moated Broadoak Farm. On the way, there are views of both Beetham Tower, Manchester  and Lyme Park. The bypass will wound this landsape as it swings through to Torkington Road east and lands on the footpath itself.

A brook.

A brook near Torkington Road.

Crossing under Torkington Road, the bypass will shoehorn through a small gap between the White House and Torkington Manor’s apartments, then on into sheep fields generously sheltered by trees. The Ochreley Brook meanders across the fields into thicker woodland. The bypass will be masked by earth mounds as it passes less than a field away from Torkington Primary School . The school values its present peaceful location.

  • On Torkington Road eastern arm walkers go to the right to reach Torkington Primary. Down the side of the school runs our final path, crossing the field to meet the bypass route. Our walk ends in this field; there is no path through without going back into Torkington. But it is possible to continue on the footpath east to Clough House Farm and from there walk south on road and then footpath to reach the A6.

    Moat and farm.

    Broadoak moat.

The bypass route continues south through trees to Hazel Grove Golf Club course and the Chinley railway line beyond. On the other side of the line the route ends in the woodland surrounding the brook at Ox Hey – where the bypass is planned to connect to the  A6-MARR Airport Road and the A6. The road builders’ bulldozers have already sterilised a wide area.

This is where our four-and-a-half miles of life-sustaining green space ends, tarmacced if roadbuilders and politicians get their way.

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